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Chefs are back on the list!


[UPDATE 1] Sorry, the video has been removed due to a change in the migration law. Soon, you will find the link with the new video and the new requirements.

Chefs are back on the professions needed by Australia!. After being removed a couple of years ago, chefs are able to apply directly for a permanent residency. This short- video will explain you how the process would be.


If you have any enquire or you want to start your migration process, contact us to


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    Hello I’m an experienced chef with a diploma. Looking for a way to move to Australia with my family. Any help or information will be aprecciated.
    Thank you.

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      Hi Elkin!

      Sorry about the late response. We’ll send you an email asking for more information to create an initial assess.

      Thank you

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    Hi I’m an Italian chef, I work in brisbane. Can I apply for a skilled list?
    I need a IELTS?

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    Hi. I have already done a certificate 3 in commercial cookery with 4 years in the industry. Am i able to apply? Thanks Camilo

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    Hi there,
    I have done certificate 3 in commercial cookery and diploma of hospitality.
    I have applied for gsm visa but they have reject it because of my work experience, I had 900 of work experience but they told me that I should need Atleast an year of experience as chef.
    Right now I am on 457 visa working as a chef since January 2014.
    Is there any options for me to apply for pr
    Thank you sir

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    I have done in work 10 years experience in hotel industry.let me know how to apply in Australia

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    Dear sir or madam,

    I have a cert idiot and diploma and advance diploma(commercial cookery) since 2010. Currently I am 457 visa, working as a chef de partie,since last September. Please advise me if I am eligible to apply parmanent residency or not.

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    I have 6 years overseas and 2 yrs work experience as a chef in Australia. I have 6.5 overall band in IELTS
    L- 7, R -6.5, W- 6.5, S- 6.0; and I am working in a sponsored visa as a cook in a resturant in syd, since March.2014
    Can I apply PR, directly? Is there any shortcuts,?

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    I have 3 years experience as chef in Ireland and I have just completed my Certificate 3.
    Can u please help me with how I can process with the residency??


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