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What I have learned Studying in Australia

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After almost three years studying in Australia (two of them doing a Masters in QUT), I’ve learnt few lessons and things so far that could help you out to make the most out of your studies abroad.

Be prepared: making a schedule will always help. Time managing is the key to achieving everything.

Especially when you are an international student and English is not your first language.

You must double check and even TRIPLE check in order to avoid grammar mistakes. Having the support of tutors will be a great helping hand, especially when it comes to the grading and understanding of your assessments.

It is not that hard: Once you are enrolled in a higher education program, it is likely you will be facing challenges all the time.

One of the main challenges will be adapting to the Australian Education Model. In Australia, you need to study by yourself, whether you know how to or not.

Self-discipline will help you with your future career

Use everything available: based on my own experience at QUT, I’ve learnt that each university offers different options to gain a better experience and save money if needed.

Having stress and a lack of time can become obstacles that make it difficult to achieve our goals.

This is where sometimes it’s important to look at what else your school can offer, such as social groups, scholarships and gifts that are at your fingertips.
Manage your money: as an international student, the main challenge is being organised and prepared.

In Australia nothing is cheap and if you not keep this in mind, it is likely you will struggle to live securely.

However, if you find yourself in a difficult financial situation, you might be able to apply for a payment plan (normally all the Universities and Colleges provide this). It can be challenging but if you work hard everything is achievable.

The sky is the limit.

When you reach the final stages of your studies, the feeling of achievement is unbelievable!

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