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Tips to improve your resume for job hunting in Australia


As part of your success and settlement in Australia, your employment and income will have great significance on how well you settle, whether you are a student needing casual work to supplement your savings and living expenses or a new skilled migrant looking to continue your career in the Sunshine.

The most important factors to remember when compiling a resume is that it is your advertisement of YOU, and it is different to a CV, firstly it is more brief, and its structure should basically contain a concise summary of your relevant experience, skills and qualifications- such as bullet points, and relevant keywords to the role you are applying for.

Remember you may be competing with many other applicants, and the opening paragraph/summary could be the only item on your résumé an employer will read so its important to ensure it sells you well, highlights your skills and gives reasons why an employer should hire you.

Its important to tailor your résumé to the job and/or employer you are applying to (have several templates for different roles (such as hospitality /callcentre/bar work/promotions/office/industry etc) and set up a separate email account just for job hunting and submitting your applications online, it will help you keep track of what you are applying for.

The main points to remember are:

  • Check, check and double check your spelling and grammar, or get a friend to check for you
  • Use an “easy to read” format (for example: landscape, simple font size 10 or 11)
  • One to two pages is enough
  • Include a Covering letter outlining how your relevant skills fit the role
  • When it comes to including your personal information – You only need to provide your name and contact details (age, marital status etc is not required)
  • References- make sure you have got their permission before you list them. Or just put “references available on request”
  • Work history and education should be listed in Chronological order, so most recent role first

There are many templates and free services you can utilise to assist you, and even professional résumé writing if you are willing to pay for it, EMSA also have some good templates and contacts who can assist as well. Send us an email if you would like us to provide a few examples! We’re happy to help!

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