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Tips to find your first job in Australia

Getting a job in Australia is a great opportunity to develop new skills, meet new people and get experience when you go back to your home country or elsewhere abroad.

Australia gives the chance to international students to work on part time basis which means 40 hours per fortnight, however getting an interview can be tricky for those who just arrived in the country. These tips will help you to get started and get a job shortly.

1.    Cover Letter and Resume

These two documents are related to job searching however there are differences between both.

Cover letter: this letter is directed to a manager or human resources and it is essential your cover letter is clear and easy to read, describe yourself, why you would like to get the job and important to mention the difference you will do for the company, make them feel they need people like you for their team.

Resume: It describes your job history, it starts with the most recent one. Describe what roles you played, including pin points of tasks and responsibilities you had in that job and also do not forget to add a brief description of yourself, experience and availability.

Cover letter and resume

Link to create free and unique resumes here!

2.    Tax File Number

The TFN is a personal digit number that allows individuals to be registered with the Australian Tax Office (ATO) you must provide this number to your employer in order to work legally in Australia.

It is not difficult to get it and it is completely free, be aware once the application is submitted it might take within 28 days to receive your TFN.

Apply for your TFN here! 

3.    Online Platforms

Living in 2019 means living in the internet era which facilitates communication for us, there are different platforms online that allow us to apply and get a response from different employers, the most common and easiest ones to use are: SEEK, Indeed, Gumtree and Facebook Jobs. Great opportunities are only a single click away.

Online Platforms

4.    More suburbs less CBD

People might think the central business district of every city is the ideal place to find a job as it has a great variety of restaurants, stores and offices, however, this place can be the hardest location to find a job.

Check on your Google Maps the closest suburbs from the city, check the transport access and embrace yourself to go. Whatever Profession or work area you would love to work in, do a search on google for the store nearest to you either give them a call for further employment information or go in for a visit and submit your resume with the store manager or store employees.

Extra Tip: Always ask for the manager, this will be good as they are in charge to hire staff, show them your potential and motivation to get the job.

5.    Be patient and positive

People tend to think it will be the easiest process to find a job but sometimes their expectations don’t go as they wish, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible, but it requires patience, dedication and enthusiasm.

Follow the previous tips and wait for it, the opportunities are there, they are just waiting for you to take them.

Positive and patient

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