The Problem With Choice when looking for a job

The problem with choice is that we often get overwhelmed with our options and find it difficult to settle on the right choice for us in that moment. For example I opened up the TV guide the other night, 23 free to air channels all with plenty of options and not a lot interesting me. I could switch over to Netflix, iView, iTunes or SBS OnDemand my default point because they generally have something I can download, depending on my mood and time available. I ended up jumping on the TED app and watching a few presentations on the iPad because I could still be surprised and yet know I’ll find something I want to watch.

Same thing applies when we’re looking for work. There are plenty of choices available but we only want one to address that need at that moment in time. Whether a career step or just a job to get the bills paid. we don’t need all the cleaning, bar, mechanic, nursing or accountant jobs out there – just the one that is right for us at that time. Do you know what that is? Odds on you haven’t given that a lot of thought and are just desperate to get that job. Fair enough, well get out there and sell yourself to 156 potential employers and see how busy you are not getting a job.

I could have channel flicked, searched through downloadable docos on iView or taken a punt on a series I’ve heard about in passing on Netflix but I really didn’t have the time to waste, or the energy. I wanted something to stimulate my brain, entertain and not require too much time and effort – Onya TED, serve me a delight or two from somewhere around the globe. Tonight it will be on medical science and innovations. You want a job as a waitress sure, but where, with how much travel, serving what food to who, are language skills or cultural background important, what hours to be worked and for how long. What’s your boss like, is the business big or small, family owned or chain restaurant, can you serve meat when its stuff you won’t eat. When you know the answers to these questions suddenly you can see clearly. You can find the job much more quickly and easily because you know what it is and who to speak to to get it.

The fun part is pulling all the info together to make that choice. Sure it may take some time and a few epic fails along the way (‘Gravity’ the film, shouldn’t believe the hype) but the reward will be worth the right effort at the beginning. That’s where sometimes a ‘trusted advisor’ is very important on that journey. They can provide the right advice based on knowing you, understanding your needs at that time and where you’d like to head. They help you to cut through the noise and focus on what you actually need.

Now for the plug. We’re opening our doors to those who need help with their job discovery process or just ironing out the bumps. Every Wednesday from 12-2pm in our Gold Coast office you can drop in for a chat about the job troubles you’re facing and we’ll do our best to help you on your way. Now we can’t promise to fix all your job problems, after all you provide the final solution – YOU! But having been there before ourselves, most of us as migrants to Australia we certainly understand the journey. And we’re here to make the journey that much easier in any way we can. Need to act now, then call 0419 199 728 or email [email protected]