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The future Gold Coast city

Gold Coast city surfing

The Gold Coast is a little city, but it’s still a city. Usually students prefer to go to bigger cities to live for their short or long experience in Australia. One of the main reasons to choose a bigger city is the concept of “more opportunities to get a job or develop their profession”, and the fact of having “Sydney” or “Melbourne” on their resume sounds very thrilling. But what if we tell you about all the opportunities, incredible lifestyle and the expanding of the Gold Coast?

A lot of local citizens living here are amazed at the growth of the city and the direction it’s taking: a place where innovation, technology and multiculturalism are steeping in their streets, businesses and infrastructures. Three great universities are located on the Gold Coast such as Griffith, Bond and Southern Cross, as well as a wide range of schools and vocational providers. The fact is, you can feel how this young city is taking a direction of a university town.

With the Commonwealth Games coming soon and plenty of events options available during the whole year, you can feel the frenetic pace of the place. Opportunities in construction, hospitality, shops or services as IT, marketing and other agencies… Everyone seems to be very busy even now in the winter season, and people can feel how the businesses are growing.

The Gold Coast is on of Australia’s number 1 tourist destinations and a place where all Australians come to spend their holidays, loving the skyline covered with a radiant gold colour, its sunrise at 4.00 am in summer and the sub-tropical weather the whole year round. The real and authentic “Australian Dream”, for those who are dreaming of sensational surfing opportunities or practising yoga in front of the beach. A big sporting community, it’s crazy to watch how children catch the bus with their surfboard under the arm straight after school.

Gold Coast could be the affordable California with a real chance of developing your future. We say “YES TO THE GOLD COAST CITY!

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