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Testimonial | Jessica De Agostini – Venezuela



My name is Jessica and I have been living in Brisbane Australia since February 2017.


EMSA helped me back in 2015 when I first started my process of student visa to come to Australia.

But the company was even more helpful when we had to apply for my husband’s visa.


At the beginnings of 2017, we started with this process.

That stage was very complicated due to the fact that at that time the migration laws were changing and we had little time to get all the relevant documentation needed to start the process.

Keyla’s support was invaluable for me. They always kept me updated with information related to my case and whatever needed they always explained to me how to do the process.

EMSA is a company that helps and makes you feel confident in these times of stress.


They give you their support and advice at any time in my case. I will definitely recommend them because they make the process more simple and comfortable for you.

Thanks for the patience and to be there always with me.

Jessica De Agostini and Andres Sosa | Venezuela

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