Want to learn more about scholarships available to study in Australia? Are you interested in studying in Australia?


Well, few days ago we did a Facebook Live to explain all the possibilities you have to get a scholarship to study in Australia a Bachelor or Master. There are many scholarships available to international students ranging from 20 – 30% all the way to full scholarships!


In our informative Live chat, the Education and Migration Services Australia team explained how scholarships work and what you need to do to qualify.You will also discover on this video: 

  • Government funded scholarships 
  • List of universities that are offering scholarships currently in Australia. 
  • Information about scholarships according to nationality , special regions in Australia or GPA.
  • Tips about how to find your best course and scholarship.

For more information about finding the right scholarship for you , please write the EMSA team and we will give you more information. 




For more information on scholarships, contact our team today!


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