RSA recommendations for international students


As an international student, it is important for you to know a bit more about the Responsible Service of Alcohol (more commonly known as the “RSA”).

This a course that must be undertaken before you can work in places where alcohol is legally served anywhere around Australia.
It is important to remember that the laws can differ in all 7 States and Territories, meaning each RSA course will also have different rules and requirements and an RSA valid in Queensland might not be satisfactory in Victoria (or any other state) and vice versa.

When you are beginning your search for a job, a good way to prepare yourself is making sure your Resume is ready.

By completing your RSA, and having it listed on your resume you are opening yourself up to a wider range of job opportunities. As most jobs for students are in the hospitality industry in areas such as restaurants and cafes, it also includes including bars and nightclubs where it is a requirement to have a valid RSA for the relevant State.

It is not only required for bartenders who are preparing and selling the drinks directly, but also for “glassies” (those collecting empty glasses and bottles) and anyone that is working on the bar.

The RSA helps you to be aware of alcohol laws such as:
•The amount of alcohol a drink can contain
•How many drinks an individual person can have at the same time
•How to deal with intoxicated people (when a person has consumed more drinks than they should) and what is the correct procedure when you come across an intoxicated patron.

Alcohol is a serious business in Australia therefore it highly recommended to be familiar with the law and the penalties for not following it.

For example; selling alcohol to someone who is intoxicated will result in a large fine that applies not only to the venue but also to the manager and the bartender who served them.

The law has had changes made recently to the Queensland State, with the times of alcohol service now stating that drinks can no longer be served after 3:00 AM and Shots (30mL of pure alcohol) will not be permitted after midnight (12:00 AM) which are similar to that of New South Wales alcohol Laws.

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