Don’t take the current citizenship rules for granted – apply as soon as you are eligible!

You may have seen and heard about significant proposed changes to citizenship criteria by the government in the media recently.

One of the most concerning changes was the push to change the residency requirements from four years in total in Australia – three years as a temporary resident and one year as a permanent resident to FOUR YEARS AS A PERMANENT RESIDENT before being able to apply for citizenship!

A tougher English test was also proposed, whereby a citizenship applicant would need to show a higher level of ‘Competent English’. Luckily, the changes were blocked in the Senate and the government has had to back down on its harder stance on Australian citizenship.

While applications are again being assessed on the existing criteria, there is no guarantee that they will not try again to implement changes in the future! The simple message is – if you think you are currently eligible or close to being eligible for citizenship DON’T WAIT! What should you do?

Make sure you apply as soon as possible to avoid any future changes that the government may try and bring in whenever they want to! There are many advantages to becoming a citizen, including being able to vote, having access to Higher Education government loans, access to social security payments such as unemployment benefits and even receiving payments from the government when you have a baby to help you with increased baby costs!

Why Australian Citizenship?

With an Australian passport, you can also travel to many countries visa-free or visa on arrival access – 170 countries to be precise!
Most importantly, when you attend your citizenship ceremony and accept your citizenship certificate in front of hundreds of other new migrants, hosts, and guests you will feel a true sense of belonging to this amazing country. It is such an emotional occasion to be officially welcomed as a full member of the Australian community – a significant event you will remember for life.

How can EMSA help?

At EMSA, we have a variety of migration agents on board to assist and assess each individual’s situation. Each agent is registered and has a broad knowledge of different visa types and the migration industry in general.

For more information on this or how we can help in your visa process, feel free to fill out the link below!  

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