From 1st July 2021, the application fees for different Australian visas, including student, tourist and Employer Sponsored are set to increase. Additionally, citizenship application fees will also see a steep increase from $290 to $490 per application.

Student visas will increase $10AUD for applicants over 18YO (adults) and $5AUD for minors. Similarly, the visa fees to apply for any of the permanent residency visas will jump from $4045 to $4115 in this new financial year.

What are the new prices for Australian Visas?

Below you will find a table with the new prices as of 1st of July 2021.

Australian Visa SubclassCurrent FeeNew Fee (from 1st July)
Student Visa – 500$620$630
Student Visa – Dependent – 500$460$470
Student Visa – Dependent under 18YO – 500$150$155
Tourist Visa – 600$365$370
Temporary Graduate Visa – 485$1650$1680
Skilled Work Regional Visa – 491$4045$4115
Skilled Nominated Visa – 190$4045$4115
Skilled Independent Visa – 189$4045$4115
TSS Visa – Short – 482$1265$1290
TSS Visa – Medium – 482$2645$2690
Partner Visa – 309, 820$7715$7720
ENS Visa – 186$4045$4115

If you are applying to any Australian visa, it is very important that you have a very clear budget on the costs involved, as the visa fee usually is only one of the requirements you need to pay for, for example at EMSA, we have a guide for international students to budget the visa extension.