Migrating to another country is always going to be a life-changing experience but it seems that families who settle in Australia are much more welcoming to others.

In a new survey carried out by the University of Melbourne, they found that 61% of second-generation migrants in Australia were trusting to others whilst it was only 41% in migrants living in the US. The main reasons for Australian migrants being more welcoming is down to the fact that they can adapt better to the way of life in that country.

On top of that, many cities in Australia have lower levels of crime and better prospects of employment than their US counterparts helping them settle down into a new lifestyle.

This has made Australia seem like a much more welcoming place to children in migrant families making them more likely to open up and talk to new contacts and acquaintances. Researchers in the survey suggest that the much more laid-back style of Australian life mixed with their strong infrastructure helped contribute to the course.

The report’s co-author Domenico Tabasso stated that “in Australia, the socio-economic environment appears to more significantly influence a person’s level of trust.” Even though Australia is seen as a more trusting place through kid’s eyes, the report shows that migrants have similar levels of trust in both countries with only 35% of immigrants trusting the public when they first settle down.

The report also showed that different patterns between families migrated to both Australia and the US both in terms of where they came from and the type of family they are raising. Many migrant families who move to Australia often both come from the same place as their partner with many coming from a handful of places.

This is different from the US where families often only have one migrant partner in the family whilst the other is usually a US citizen.

Whilst both these countries have been built primarily on migration, the latest research shows that Australia could well have stolen the latest round of bragging rights as the world’s top destination for migrating families.

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