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Despite common misconceptions, the population of Regional Australia is rising. Between 2007 and 2012, the population outside of Australia’s major cities grew by 6.6%. The Australian Bureau of Statistics projects that the population outside capital cities will grow by 26% between 2007 and 2026.

This is the testimonial from David Omokaro, one of the amazing clients we have had who is currently living in the Regional Australia.
I currently live in Dubbo, inner West of NSW – Orana Region. I moved into this region over 1 year ago based on my visa requirement- Skilled Regional Sponsored-489.

When it was time for me to leave Brisbane and move to this region as my visa has been granted, I was quite sceptic about how I will survive in the region.

In terms of job, people and access to some basic services.

Most times I checked google map to view the town, it was more disappointing and makes me feel more frustrated.

Finally, I made up my mind to reside in Dubbo so I left Brisbane this was the first week of February 2016.

Upon my arrival in Dubbo, behold it was the opposite of all my thoughts about the people, work and environment.

Why Regional Australia?

The people are much friendly, and always showing concern about one’s welfare as a result it was much easier for me to socialise and make new friends with locals and immigrants.

Most people of my age group who are my friends are professionals in different areas of endeavour, this was one thing I taught that will be harder to come by in Regional Australia.

My association with locals has also broadened my knowledge about Australia Cultures and heritage.

Finding a job:

It was not difficult to get full time job even though it wasn’t my area of specialisation – I got a full-time job two weeks of my stay in Dubbo.

I had three different interviews within one year at the Dubbo Regional Council which I was successful on the third one.

I presently work as a Project Engineer in Dubbo Regional Council.

After accepting this appointment with Dubbo Regional Council, two different employers has also called me, proposing a job offer to work for them as a professional Civil Engineer.

The environment is clean, well planned and housing affordability makes it more liveable.

Some advantages:

Low traffic road condition and it takes few minutes to access shopping centres, gym even my place of work.

I usually have my lunch at home – I will drive home during lunch time to eat as the travel distance back and forth is short with less than 10 minutes’ drive.

Another advantage is places I would have covered hundreds of kilometres to visit during holidays.

They are not far away when living in Regional Australia for example, winery, car racing and country music shows.

It has been fun and very enjoyable living in Dubbo, I still have more to explore in regional Australia. I do not have any plans moving out from this region for now.

I will encourage migrant to live in the regional area, it is much easier to settle down because of low living expenses.

Credit: David Omokaro

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