What is it like to live in a Regional Area in Australia as an International Student?

It’s easy to get distracted by the bright lights of the big cities of Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth and forget about the incredibly scenic, less talked about, and lesser-visited regional areas of Australia. Of course, there are ample opportunities to study in these areas, and here is a brief insight into what life would be like, studying in a regional area.

City convenience in countryside beauty

Firstly, don’t get bogged down in thinking that these more remote areas of Australia are miles away from anything, with just kangaroos and 500km of dust balls between you and the next glimpse of civilization. In reality, regional areas can be as close as a couple of hours’ drive from major cities, and in themselves, they provide the same facilities and entertainment that you would expect to find in the big cities; cinemas, shopping malls, restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. Regional areas provide easier access to all things nature and a glimpse into what Australia is known for – its unique, aesthetically beautiful scenery, famous all around the world. Australia has over 500 national parks, covering 28 million hectares which means you’ll never be too far away from one once you are out of the big cities. Take the opportunities to hike up that mountain just across the road, visit the natural spa around the corner, go on a hunt for koalas in their natural habitat (i.e your backyard), or simply find one of the many lookouts in the country to sit and appreciate the vast landscape that you can call home during your studies.

Adopt a new hobby!

Being surrounded by nature during your studying years means you won’t just be becoming an expert in your field of study, but you will also be able to pick up new skills, right on your doorstep. Many students have gone on to do wild horse trekking, get qualifications in whitewater rafting, rock climbing, and other exciting sports. If that wasn’t enough, regional universities offer an ever-broader spectrum of subjects to study based on the strengths of their local area. This could be anything from becoming a wine connoisseur in the wine regions of Victoria to gaining hands-on experience in Marine Biology in Western Australia, famous for the yearly migration of whale sharks, humpback whales, and manta rays.

Become part of the local community

Moving to a new country to study can be a daunting experience – but regional cities make it easier! The community feels in these areas is what will make your studying years so memorable. Go to your local pub on the first day and you’re guaranteed to make at least one friend. Your study abroad family will grow from there. 

One step closer to becoming a real Aussie…

And, do you want to know what the best thing is about studying in regional Australia, other than the unique offerings, friendly communities, and incredible scenery? Well, after falling in love with the country during your studies, your two years spent living in a remote area will give you five extra points in applying for a skilled migration visa later on and different visa options to getting faster to your dream!