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International Students, Australia really needs them


International students make an important contribution to Australian culture, expanding and diversifying communities.

When thinking to study in Australia, many people is captivated by the high-quality in the education and training sector. These unique features is one of the main reason why people would like to have the opportunity to experience all about the lifestyle in the land of down under.

Based on the International Student Data provided by the international education sector is important not only to Australian society, but also the country’s economy as this represents the 3rd most important sector. International education activity contributed $15.6 billion in export income to the Australian economy in 2013, arising from international students studying and living in Australia. This is a 3.8% increase from the earnings recorded in 2012 ($14.5 billion) and up 3.2%. Plus $571 million arose from various activities related with international education.

Moreover, many educational institutions depend on the income from full-fee paying international students to contribute in the provision of quality education to all students, both international and domestic.

The student experience has been a divergent point of government and industry debate, as one of the key drivers for long-term engagement. The importance to bring all the necessary guarantees to students that are coming to Australia from overseas can impact on positive or negative experiences and consequently it will affect in the same way on Australia’s economy.

As an Education and Migration Agency, one of the main purposes of EMSA is to bring our services and all our support for international students to migrate and study in Australia so in this way, they can experience the Australian education and also they can help to the country with its knowledge and skills.


Diana Huertas

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