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[Infographic] – How the Australian education system works?

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Many International students often don’t understand what type of course they are applying for or sometimes there are courses that have similar names but one of them is in a higher level than the another one and this affect their visa application level. For this reason, we want to present you how the Australian education system works in the next infographic.

This structure is extremely important because determines for immigration purposes, the type of visa the student is applying for and consequently the level of assessment of their visa. Additionally, some courses studied in the Vocational and Training Sector have equivalences in the Higher Education sector, this is particularly important when applying for Skilled or Sponsorship Visas.

After completed the secondary certificate, there are two options: Vocational and Training Sector (VET) or Higher Education. Each of them have different levels that sometimes and in very specific situations the student can interchange or skip.

Check the Infographic are share your thoughts with us!

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