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Improving your english while you are abroad: Simple tips to follow


Hi there, my name is Eva and I’m from the beautiful city of Lima in Peru. As you know, my native language is Spanish and I was never involved into English lessons until I finished high school, many, many years ago. Despite the fact I took some English programs in Peru, when I came to Australia the cultural shock, language wise, was terrible. I was never good at languages and always hated to ‘learn’ one …

When I arrived in Brisbane, back in 2010, I lived with two aussies (my house mates) and I’m 100% convinced that this is the best way to improve your language skills. I started to get in touch with the Australian culture as we became good friends and my social net was full of Aussie people having the opportunity to practice the language 24/7


It was quite hard to resist the temptation of not speaking in my language with the Latin People (which I love of course) but the sacrifice was worthy by far!


Another effective way of improving the language is watching Australian television, in particular the news, you have no idea how much you can learn by watching the news.  By listening programs on the radio, sometimes is full of slang but useful anyway so will learn on how to ‘not to’ express in certain ways.


Having a chance to work with native speakers also helps. It is a bit different to speak in English in a daily basis, in particular if you interact with clients everyday than speaking in English ‘just’ when it is necessary as in the shopping centre, restaurants, bus drivers, etc.


The more you practice, the better results you’ll get. So my advise if you wish to improve your language skills is to be in contact with native speakers, learn, ask questions and try to copy their pronunciation as much as you can!

For those who are sitting an English Test, such as IELTS or Cambridge, my advise is to take some lessons in a good English school in order to get used to the test format and to learn the tips on how to pass the exam. I’ll be more than happy to help you with this, if you wish, so just let me know and I can provide some good options!!

Ps. To download a translator app in your mobile is always a good idea.

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