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Potential pathway to residency as Child Care Centre Managers


Studying a Diploma in Children’s Services for 2 years, can provide students with a pathway to applying for a graduate visa providing they students complete 6 months worth of part time work in a Child Care Centre during their studies and can provide reference letters to prove this. For this position though, the pathway to residency is also possible although it is a little more challenging than for other occupations assessed by TRA.

For Child Care Centre Managers to gain residency, the students will need to undertake the Job Ready Program. The purpose of the Job Ready Employment step is to enable you to gain experience in an Australian workplace to further develop skills relevant to your nominated occupation.

It is the candidates responsibility to find their own employment and to be successful, the tasks completed need to be those of a Child Care Centre Manager (outlined below).

Child Care Centre Managers are responsible for:

  • directing and supervising child care workers,
  • developing and implementing programs to enhance the physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of young children,
  • providing care for children in before-school, after-school, day and vacation care centres,
  • managing physical childcare facilities and ensuring all buildings and equipment are maintained,
  • maintaining records and accounts for the child care centre, and
  • complying with government child care requirements and standards.

For your employment to be appropriate for Step 2 of the Job Ready Program, you must be employed full time for 12 months as the manager of a childcare centre licensed by a regulatory authority with a minimum of 20 children in the 0-5 age group and you must be performing the above duties and tasks.

Work claimed for the Provisional Skills Assessment may not be suitable for the Job Ready Employment step.  As part of the Provisional Skills Assessment, TRA requires candidates to demonstrate an exposure to a range of tasks relevant to your nominated occupation. For Step 2, you must ensure your employment requires you to routinely demonstrate the responsibilities, tasks and duties of your nominated occupation.

Your employer must formally confirm in writing that the duties you perform in your role are those of a Child Care Centre Manager. Work as an Assistant Centre Manager may also qualify as long as the tasks and duties are undertaken.

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