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How does the Western Australia Graduate Occupation List work?

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Western Australia has a “graduate stream” list of occupations that are specifically available to those who meet the study requirements in WA to gain more points AND be nominated by WA for potentially faster visa grants!

Immigration has stated the highest priority visas to process are those in the 491 regional nominated categories, as they fill jobs that are in demand within the different regional states’ economies. In addition to this, the 190 state nominated visas are also classed as higher priority (compared to the 189 independent PR visa) as the state has identified occupations in demand- (and usually require the nominated person to already have a job in their occupation in the state) hence their need to nominate a applicant.

Let’s talk about Western Australia and how studying there can help you to get permanent residency?

One of the main differences between study in Western Australia compared to the other states’ of Australia is that the study undertaken in WA does not need to be related to your nominated occupation!

Why Western Australia has the graduate occupation list?

Western Australias mining industry has changed in recent years, and they are looking for alternative ways to attract migrants and income to their shores that outmatch the other states. International Education enable the state to have an alternative income stream to their usual business model.

How can you take advantage of the Western Australia migration program?

Well, as mentioned above, what you study in W.A doesn’t need to be directly related to your nominated occupation – which is a big difference from most other states – as an equivalent, if you are studying in QLD, the study needs to be directly related the occupation you nominate.

I hear you ask for an example, here you go!

Carlos is a Chemical Engineer from Colombia. He came to Australia on a tourist visa. He now wants to consider long term options to stay. Whilst he can already get a skills assessment as a Chemical engineer (using his Colombian Bachelor degree and experience) he is competing with many other applicants in the EOI process, and points matter.

What are his options?

As W.A don’t require Carlos to study something directly related to Chemical engineering he can choose – either study something that offers an alternative occupation (gives him a plan B too) or study something at the right level, for interest, that can give him the option of being considered by W.A

Such as?

Study At least two years in a Western Australia Institute

In Western Australia “You must have studied at an accredited Western Australian educational institution, full-time and face-to-face, for at least two years. The awarding institution must have met the accreditation requirements outlined below at the time of your studies. You can use study from different qualifications to make up the two years, including: University/higher education; (Certificate III level); and/or even English language programs.

What else is required?

You must have at least six months Australian work experience in your nominated (or closely related) occupation, or have a six month contract of employment in your nominated (or closely related) occupation in Western Australia. TOP TIP – The work experience can be part time! which means relevant work alongside your study counts!!

The bigger picture – why does this help?

So two years Australian study gives 5 points,

If this study is in a regional Institute you can add another 5 points

If you are nominated by W.A for a 190 visa you can get another 5 points – Or if you are in a regional location you can be nominated for a 491 visa for 15 points

If Carlos is willing to undertake study for two years in the right location, he can gain an additional 10 to 15 or even up to 25 points based on one decision!

Whilst everyone wants PR (permanent residency) as soon as possible, the slow and steady strategy often wins the race, and even though the 491 visa (regional nominated – giving 15 points) is a temporary visa for 5 years, you can transition to PR after 3 years if you meet the general criteria. Medicare is also now included in the 491 now which is a massive bonus!

What Can I study In Western Australia?

Check this Live Chat we did in our Facebook Page with Murdoch University and you can get some ideas about this University in Perth.

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