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How a simple conversation with a Mortgage Broker can help save you money and achieve your dreams!


Firstly, let me congratulate you all on your journey so far!

Whatever path you are on I know you are getting the best help and support that you can with Shannon and his team. Their job is to make this journey easier for you and once your dreams are realised there are new journeys to embark on, ones that hopefully I can help you with.

Whether you are new to Australia or you have lived here all your life, getting your foot on the property ladder and helping secure a great future for you and your family can be a daunting prospect, but it doesn’t need to be. Owning your own home is a big part of the Australian dream and I would love to offer you all some practical tips on how to make it a part of your dream too.

The 5 Biggest Savings you can make:


Perhaps the biggest benefit is that you get all of these savings, and much, much more, at no cost to you. All consultations or calls are FREE and there are NO HIDDEN FEES AT ANY TIME. A simple conversation is all it takes, whether you need a home, a car, a bike or just the best advice around…it will not cost you a cent!


The amount of information out there can be mind-boggling. Going through it all and trying to understand everything that is out there can blow your mind and your time! At Mortgage Choice we have access to over 20 different lenders to search through for the best available product and loans for you. We have lenders and packages available for all needs and all situations. Let me do the work for you so you can enjoy the lifestyle you came for!


We are all different and have different needs and requirements. As a Mortgage Choice broker, I will listen to your story, how you work and what you need and find a loan and product that fits in with your lifestyle. There should be no reason to struggle or try to fit yourself into a loan or product that doesn’t work for the way you live. Whatever your style, there is a product and a loan out there for you.


As a Mortgage Choice broker I will take care of everything for you based on listening to what you need. From initial appointment we will guide you through the process and make the journey a smooth one for you, from discussion through to approval, settlement and beyond. When you have a broker you trust we are there for you whenever you need at any time.


Explaining your situation again and again to a different person whenever you need advice can be frustrating. One of the biggest benefits of a broker is that I can organise and maintain all your needs without talking to a different person each time. You need to buy a home, we can do that, you need a new car, we can do that too, you need funds for a holiday…no problem. I can advise based on your situation and help wherever possible.

What you get from myself as a broker at Mortgage Choice is the best possible solution to YOUR needs, on YOUR terms, to match YOUR lifestyle.

If this is a part of your current plans, or even if you are looking for advice on building for your future please do not hesitate to give me a call to set up an appointment.

Remember, It’s just a conversation and it’s free!

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Ph: 07 5594 6746, Fax: 07 5594 6937, Mob: 0406 929 502
Level 1, 9 John Lund Drive, HOPE ISLAND QLD 4212

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