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Health insurance – you wont get your student visa without it! 


There are many types of policies that have been designed by providers for specific visa classes. Some Visas’ require Health insurance as a mandatory requirement such as Student visas, Employer Sponsored visa’s and Graduate visas.

The rules regarding cover differ slightly depending on what visa you are applying for, but the main things to know are:

If you are applying for a student visa you must show immigration that you have health insurance cover for the duration of your studies – which means you have to pay for the entire policy in full to get your cover letter. This is the evidence you need to show immigration.

For graduates, or sponsored employees  you must show you have a policy in place, but unlike student health cover, some providers enable you to pay in instalments with no set end date, this option is popular for those with a budget in mind, and alleviates the initial costs associated with the visa lodgement.

Most importantly choose a cover based on what it covers….. Not on how much it will cost you, because the most important thing is your health, and you want to ensure that you are covered and can receive the care you need without having to pay additional lump sums on top.

Health insurance providers offer many incentives to join them – such as discounts on social events and food and freebies. Most companies offer several different “levels” of cover for each visa type – the cheapest and most basic one will meet the requirements set by immigration and will average at about $45 per month, but if you need extra care, specialist services , appointments, or referrals, if you don’t put it in your policy from the start, it will come out of your pocket later on !

If you need help in identifying what cover is right for you, and which provider best meets your needs, we can help you compare some policies and help you understand the important factors, such as how close is the nearest Medical centre to where you intend to live- and do they accept the Providers cover you wish to buy, or how much is a Doctors visit going to cost you with the “gap”.

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