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Happy Australia Day

Almost every country has a day they claim to celebrate their home and the people that make it special.

Australia is on the 26th of January and marks the day, the English brought their first settlers (convicts) to Australia. This has always been a sensitive day as many Indigenous Australians, feel it was a day of sadness for their people. In future years, this date may change as many believe we should have a day that is a celebration for everyone.

That’s not for us to decide today!

Maybe for this year, a simpler way for us to view it is: we are country made up of many.

We are an island continent made up of migrants that welcomes people from around the world. The true Australian’s are the ones who share the land and are proud to.

A true Australian comes in all shapes sizes, skin colours and religions.

It is freedom to be yourself and help a mate that draws people from all over the world to this land.

A true Australian need not be born here but can cherish and celebrate this country and it’s people.

Australia day is to celebrate us, who we are today and what we can bring to make this world a better place.


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