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English requirements for the 482 Visa

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So you have found an employer and impressed them with your skills set and experience and they want to sponsor you!

What other important criteria should you focus on?

ENGLISH ABILITY – The Temporary Work skilled visa(subclass482) require IELTS overall 5 – with no band lower than 4.5.

The English score is a ‘time of decision’ requirement.

Alternatives to English tests are accepted such as proving 5 years of full‑time study where the instruction was delivered in English (in secondary education or higher), amongst some other more specific exemptions such as certain passport holders, salary and occupation.

There are other alternative tests to the IELTS to be eligible for this visa such as TOEFL IBT, PTE, and CAE and prices for the test range from between $200 AUD and $340 AUD depending on the country you take the test in, and the actual test chosen.

Historically IELTS was the most well known and undertaken test as it is accepted as the English language test across New Zealand, Australia, Canada, USA and the UK and is used by many institutions as a clear indication of English proficiency.

According to the IELTS centre, over 3 million IELTS tests were taken in the past year!

From our experience at EMSA, there is growing popularity with the PTE test due to its faster turnaround in results and its acceptance as English language proficiency with the Department of Immigration as well as a range of other relevant institutes and stakeholders within the migration market of Australia.

Choosing to undertake the revision and exam for a specific English language test is usually defined by the urgency of results, location convenience, and cost.

It’s important to research them all to garner feedback from fellow test takers and see what each testing authority offer in terms of support and resources. Find more information at this comparison of English tests accepted by immigration.

English scores for 482:

Tests are valid for 3 years for Immigration purposes.

For more information on this visa and its requirements do not hesitate to contact an EMSA Migration Agent.

We will provide adequate advice and will guide you through each step of this visa.

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