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Ekka time in Brisbane – Australia

During the first weeks of August, Brisbane showgrounds holds one of the most important events for Queenslanders as well as the largest event in the state. EKKA is the name given to the Agricultural Show of QLD.

The first show was held between the 22nd to the 26th of August in 1876. During this period the main purpose was to show off many agricultural and industrial exhibits such as industrial devices, cattle and farm animals. This year EKKA starts on Friday 9th of August and ends on Sunday 18th of August.

We have picked 8 unique and popular EKKA experiences to guide you through this wonderful event.

1. Get some adrenaline rush

Attraction at EKKA

Jump to the big attractions and experience some carnival vibes in the Side Show Alley which has plenty of rides such as the Crazy Spinner Coaster and the Extreme Ride. Those would make you scream like crazy. You can also find rides for the little ones and A LOT of delicious food.

2. Treat yourself in the showbag pavilion

Many options to choose! the Showbag Pavilion is famous for the amount of things you can get for a small amount of money – whether you’re after make up, gym accessories, lollies, food or games! We assure you can spend hours and hours deciding what is the perfect bag for you. Spoil yourself and don’t forget to take the little ones. They would LOVE IT.

Plan your Showbag visit here. Find out what is on this year.

3. Pet and feed baby farm animals

Baby farm animals at ekka

Head to the RACQ Animal Nursery to experience cuddly and furry animals. There are over 500 animals to play, feed and pat.. OHH and don’t forget to take heaps of selfies with baby sheep and goats. They are adorable.

4. Enjoy the food

Strawberry sundae at ekka

Has someone mentioned the food yet? EKKA has plenty of variety of food, all colours, all tastes, from all the countries. You won’t find something you crave. Don’t miss the masterclasses, cooking shows and free tasters. Sounds like paradise doesn’t it?

Also MUST TO DO at EKKA: Eat a Strawberry Sundae which is made of 22,500 litres of ice-cream, 6.2 tonnes of strawberries and 830 litres of cream. This popular product has been sold at EKKA for a long time. Please don’t forget to try it!

6. Woodchop and sawing competition

Get involved in the Aussie culture. This competition has been part of EKKA for around a century. See axemen and women compete for thousands in prizes.

This is a unique experience that you won’t see somewhere else.

7. Enjoy the fireworks

Fireworks show at ekka

Head to the Main Arena before 6pm to get the best seats and enjoy a fabulous show every night at EKKA.

You would be amazed by the different shows, from animals to motorbikes and end up the night watching the beautiful and professional lights in the sky.

8. Visit 7 live studios

Wondering what happens behind the scenes? At the Channel Seven Pavilion you will be able to understand and experience what it feels to be in television!

Take some selfies and enjoy your time being famous!

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