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Eight tips to score 8 in the IELTS exam

In Australia a lot of International students struggle to get a good IELTS score in spite of having a good academic background and work experience. There are 8 steps that students can follow to get the perfect 8 and its simple, easy and achievable.

  1. Watch your words

For IELTS test more is less. A very common mistake is to answer in more words than instructed. If your asked “Not more than 3 words”, answering in more words will have an impact on your score. Having said that you shouldn’t write less than what you’re asked to. E.g.: if the word count is 250 for essay and 150 for report or letter then you must stick to that.

Here some tips about how to write a perfect essay outline.


Many students think that the more they write, the better it is. That’s not true. Longer essay doesn’t guarantee a better mark. People tend to make more mistakes when they write a lot.

  1. Don’t invent topics

Changing the topic while writing is not advisable. It’s like giving pizza to someone who wants to eat salad. Sometimes students are given a topic that they do not understand and to avoid confusion they write on something else. This is not acceptable for the test.

  1. You’re not a robot

The difference between a machine and human is that we can think and the IELTS test wants to see that you can think. So don’t ever try to memorize things for the test, as it is not going to help you.

  1. You are not an actor

I remember when I did my IELTS a lot of students tried to copy an Australian, British or American Accent. Remember you are not an actor. The test just wants to see how you pronounce words and you shouldn’t change your accent for the test.

  1. Tell a good story

Remember the stories you were told as a child? Imagine if they didn’t have a proper beginning and ending. It’s the same with IELTS you have to link your ideas in a proper flow while writing and you will be a winner.

  1. Friends are important

A lot of students who come from non-English speaking countries tend to be friends with people from their country. This is good because it makes you feel comfortable but remember you are in Australia, which is a multicultural country, and you should take the advantage of that and make friends from all over the world. This will make you speak in English and improve your speaking. So you get better in English and also make a friend from a different country than yours.

  1. Finally don’t be scared. Be confident.

To conclude I can say that IELTS is just about practice. Getting a good score is not impossible because the word it self says I M POSSIBLE. If you want to study an IELTS course in Australia, write us to [email protected] and we will help you finding the best course for you. All the best and let me know if you find my tips helpful.

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