Why it is important to volunteer while you are studying in Australia

During my days as an International student back in 2010, I found myself working with a delightful lady who was studying her bachelor degree and who was usually very busy between her studies, her part time job and her voluntary activities.

Until that time, for me the meaning of voluntary activities was something related to join Green Peace or the RSPCA, basically a non profit organisation however, I came across that you can do some voluntary job in some well known Australian Companies, and gain more than you could ever thought.

This lady’s thinking was that investing some time and effort in working ‘for free’ for some reputable Companies will give her the opportunity to show her capacity to the employers and eventually, work for them in the future (through a paid job). In addition, the business connections and referees she could get from that voluntary job would be huge.

I was a bit sceptic when listening to her and prefer to ‘secure’ my income by working as everyone does and get paid for it.

Some years have passed and this lady has finished her Bachelor and Master degrees already and because of those business contacts she got 5 years ago and her amazing Resume with all the voluntary Jobs she was involved in, she is now working in one of the most important Education Groups in Australia as an International Marketing Manager, dealing with students from different nationalities and traveling around the world promoting the Australian Education industry.

So the moral of this story would be to think out of the box and to not to disregard options, whatever the scope is, as sometimes, things that we consider silly or irrelevant, can be very beneficial for our future.