Why an international student should work with an Education Agency?

Going through some of my recent student’s cases I found a very interesting topic to talk about: why an international student should work with an Education Agency?

The question seems to be quite simple, however, when looking for the answers, there are many things to explore and to have into consideration.

If you are an international student, please let me take a few minutes of your time as I am sure, this would interest you… When thinking about renewing your student visa, there are several points you should consider if wishing to be successful and getting the student visa approved.

I am outlining some of them:

  • Is my new course aligned with my personal and professional goals?
  • Do I know what courses are suitable for me and which school provide these programs?
  • Am I meeting the student visa requirements to be granted a new student visa?
  • Do I have the updated forms and fees to successfully lodge my application?
  • Do I know where and how to lodge my student visa?

As you can see, these are some of the most important and crucial doubts that many International students have, and sometimes, they ask for ‘support’ or information from the wrong party.

It is very common to receive students in my office saying ‘my friend told me such and such’ or ‘I was on the University website and I found this course’ or ‘my friend didn’t provide that document when applying for his visa’ or ‘last time I applied, Immigrations didn’t’ ask for… well, let me tell you that your friend probably doesn’t have years of work experience as an Australian Education Counsellor and haven’t been trained nor been updated with the last information released by the Immigration Department.

Maybe, the University website you were searching your preferred course was probably the one for Domestic (Australian) students and not for you, or did you know that depending on your nationality, the visa requirements might change and more important than laws, requirements, and conditions established by the Immigration Department and Border Protection change continuously?

After reading this article I am sure you will be more careful when applying for your next student visa by contacting, working and relying on a Registered Education Agency as the qualified counsellors will provide accurate and updated information on how to be successful with your course enrolment and visa process and the best part of it: they don’t charge you any fee!!!

So it won’t cost you anything and your process will be smoother, simpler and quicker than doing it by yourself, how good is that?  

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