Australia is reaching record numbers of international students with a growth of 10 per cent in 2015. Food, rent and pretty much everything else can be expensive and the 40 hours per fortnight work rights does not make the live easy for students.

Save Money

Here is a list of 6 great ways to save money Down under

1. Look out for supermarket specials
Shopping around groceries special is a great way to save a decent amount of money. Coles and Woolworth offer many discounts of fresh deli products at the end of each day.
But it is important to be careful not to fall into buying things that you don’t need.

2. Student Card
Using your student card is a great way to save on movies, events, public transport and retail stores. So use it wherever possible! Also Lookout for Websites like or as they provide further discounts, offers and online deals for students.

3 . Bring your lunch from home
Eating out in Australia can cost you up to $10- $15 per meal. Cooking at home is one of the biggest money saver. You can use leftovers from the previous night to make sandwiches and prepare your tea and coffee at home and bring them with you in a travel mug.

4 . Look for student nights or weekly specials
Rather than heading out on the weekend, consider to get together with your group during the week as restaurants and bars offer often cheap food and drink. It is quite usual to pay only the half of the price you would pay at the weekend.

5. Cheap fitness activities
Australia offers many great running tracks and free fitness stations at the beach or in the park.
Instead of joining an expensive gym, go for a run or try an at-home gym circuit.

6. Groupon and other sites
Groupon and other sites offer some really discounted offerings on everything from Yoga classes to meals out and other activities. These change from week to week so makes sure you check them out