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Don’t be late! Tips to extend your visa without headaches


As per usual, working in this fascinating industry makes me face challenges every day and one of them is to help International Students to manage their times when applying for a new student visa.

As professionals, we know the second trimester of the year is normally a busy month as many student visas expire. For that reason the workload in the agencies and education providers gets increased and as a result, the enrolment process can experience some delays.

For this reason and preventing any inconvenient when the moment to applying for your new student visa arises, I wrote some tips that I would love you keep in mind:


  • Contact us at least 3 months before your current visa expires, this will give to time to budget your visa and find the correct course and college for you.
  • Keep in mind the course starting dates (in particular University courses) and the deadline to send applications. These are usually the longest and require some extra paperwork, including translations and certificates.
  • Take a decision on your next course promptly to start working on your letter of offer and any requirement you might need to meet (IELTS for instance)
  • If providing an IELTS is one of your requirements either for applying to the course or visa, it is always good to have enough time to prepare yourself for the test and to book in advanced as places for taking the test are limited and you don’t want to miss them.
  • Collect your visa documents with at least one month before your visa expires so we will be ready to lodge your new visa application 1-2 weeks prior the current visa expiring date


Our Education Team will guide you in every step of the process making things easier for you and with no stress at all. The only thing we ask you is to contact us sooner rather than later to get started!


Contact us now to: [email protected] or call us 07 3733-1566


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