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Changes in 2016 SOL/CSOL lists explained by a Migration agent

Hello to all you aspiring migrants to oz. 

As some of you may know, the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection has changed their website. Unfortunately this means all the links you could click before no longer work and some information is missing. We hope this new website won’t take too long to be completed.

With respects to the skilled migration list, for this new year there have not been too many major changes to the skilled occupation list. The ones that have occurred are:

Occupations removed

• Urban and Regional Planner   232611

• Dental Specialist   252311

• Dentist   252312 

Occupations added

• Panelbeater   324111

• Cabinetmaker  394111

Some other occupations such as accountant and IT are still in the main list. This means new candidates could apply and get residency under the Skilled Independent Visa.

The new skilled occupation list (SOL) and consolidated occupation list (CSOL) can be found by clicking on the links below. There is also a brief overview of what each list means:

If you have an occupation on the main skilled occupation list, then providing you meet skills assessment requirements and the points necessary, you can apply for independent residency to Australia. This is the most important list in the skilled migration program.

The consolidated skilled occupation list is another important list. If you have an occupation on this list, then you may be eligible for state sponsorship (each state chooses occupations from this list), temporary employer sponsorship (457), research and trainee visas (402) or permanent employer sponsorship (186). 

As per our post last week, there have also been some changes to visa prices and to find out more, click here

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