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Budgeting your next student visa

Many student visas might expire soon and although there are platforms that offer special prices to international students for their common expenses, our budgets can be reduced.

Therefore, we have prepared some tips to take into consideration if you are planning to renew your Student visa:

  • Student Visa application fee of $535. Please add and extra $700 if you are renewing your visa for the second time inside Australia
  • Renewing your Overseas Student Health Cover. There are many options to choose from. One of the most affordable is around $8.5 a week
  • Tuition Fees. To cover this, most of the schools are offering payment plans to the onshore students so don’t worry as you can make a payment of $500 to secure your place, get your enrolment done and be able to apply for your next visa.

When making the visa fee payment, please bear in mind that the Immigration Department charges around 2% for payments done by credit card, which is the only method of payment available. This payment is a non-refundable fee regardless if the visa is granted or not.

Also, when the applicant has dependents (spouse and kids) then an additional fee needs to be put on the top of the $535 + $700. For instance, if the applicant has a spouse, there is an extra $405 to be paid. In this case, the total payment would be $535 + 405 + $1,400 (if the applicants are renewing visas for second or more times inside Australia).

If the applicant has a spouse plus one kid, then an extra $135 has to be included in the payment. In this case the total payment would be: $535 + 405 + $135 + $2,100 (if the applicants are renewing visa for second or more times inside Australia).

The Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) has to be paid 100% upfront at the moment we are applying for your student visa so saving money to make this payment would be a good idea. Some of the most popular Insurance Companies that are accepted by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for student visa applicants are:

  • BUPA
  • AHM
  • Allianz
  • Medibank
  • NIB

All these companies offer pretty much the same Insurance Policy for International Students, however, if you wish to make sure what does and doesn’t cover, I will suggest you check their websites, as you will find detailed information.

About the tuition fees payment, as the schools are aware of the expensive visa fee payments and that this might affect the student’s financials, some of them offer flexible conditions for the first installment.

To know more about the visa fees calculation and school fees in installments, please contact our Education Team as we will be more than happy to help you!

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  • Avatar BalaKishore says:

    I have come across your services with 5 rating. I would like to take your services. Thanks

  • Avatar lidar shrestha says:

    does student have to show financial documents if they have to apply visa extension for first time? what financial documents should be provided?

    • Siobhan Chisolm Siobhan Chisolm says:

      Hi Lidar

      Thank you for your question, and hope your studies have been going well, if you can email us [email protected] we can give you further information specific to your case and situation, as the requirements of data and documents vary depending on several factors that immigration assess.

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