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Brexit and Australia’s opportunity in uncertain times


With the conversation still rife around how Britain’s exit from the UK, one thing is for certain, Australia stands out on a range of fronts. From locals, to migrants living in Britain and even from a political perspective with respects to shaping Britain’s future migration program once it’s borders are resurrected with other parts of Europe
From the perspective of local Britons, Australia is shaping as a beacon of migration hope. With an economy stronger than that of it’s own, a common familiarity shaped through our shared commonwealth roots and an image of pristine beaches and endless sunshine, many Brits are exploring the possibility of the move Down Under. The UK is one of Australia’s top sources of new migrants and with the Brexit still lurking and the future uncertainty, enquiries on migration to Australia have skyrocketed.

On the flip side, for the thousands of citizens of other EU countries currently living in the Britain, the uncertain future means finding new opportunities is suddenly a key focus. On this front, Australia’s skilled migration program is looking appealing for expats living in Britain who are worried about the impact the Brexit will have on the UK economy as a whole. With the Brexit looming, we are receiving a lot more enquires for people in the Britain, wanting to migration permanently to Australia.

Not only are the British people looking at migration in Australia but a number of articles publish post the Brexit vote, have highlighted Australia’s skilled migration model as one to learn from when implementing a new migration model post Brexit. A strategy to facilitate the movement of skilled workers from European Union will face a challenge once the British borders are reinstated. Having a transparent and relatively quick migration process (in a lot of cases less than 6 months), Australia is lining up to attract Britain’s best and brightest.

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