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5 Best Beaches of Australia To Explore In The Weekend

Australia is the proud possessor of more than 10,000 beaches all around, allowing you to indulge in a tropical state of mind. But these 5 best beaches of Australia are simply a treat to the soul – just let your guards down, feel the sunny heat and salty hair and start beach-tripping!

Being an international student in Australia, life might get mundane after long schedules of class assignments, college tests and hectic internships.

But fret not, as we’ve got the perfect solution for you – take a break from your choc-a-bloc timeline and let your mind enjoy a rejuvenating experience at the beach.



  1. Noosa (Queensland)

    – A popular hotspot among the youngsters, this beach is ideal for surfing and relaxing at the local shops.


There are several diners providing lip-smacking delicacies along with refreshments.

  1. Bremer Bay (Western Australia)

    – This beach requires special mention as it’s a calm resting place for Southern right whales and their calves.

    If you’re a genuine lover of nature and animals, then this beach is perfect for you.

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  1. Sawyers Beach (Flinders Island, Tasmania)

    – This not-so-popular beach is located far away from the din, near the village of Whitemark and highlights exquisite features like soft white sand, clear blue water, abstract boulders, lesser crowd and an exotic feel.

  1. Bells Beach (Victoria)

    – If you’re a surfing fanatic, then this turbulent beach is the one for you.

Wild and fiery with crazy waves, this beach is renowned for its colossal swells, even though it might be unsafe for swimming purposes.

  1. Cape Tribulation (Queensland)

    – Explore the panoramic view of this beach which is surrounded by natural beauty – the tropical rainforests.

The scenery is absolutely mesmerizing but there lies the risk of saltwater crocodiles which should be checked beforehand with the authorities.