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Australia, worth living here!

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Finding myself living, studying and working, in Australia, was a dream never I dreamed. I had not lived abroad and the pace and the goals that I had in my home country kept me busy enough to take the gap year that I had not taken. However, whispering in my mind always was the idea of go through the experience that could extend my level of thinking, and give memore tools to appreciate, deal with and value the world, in a more accurate and precise manner.

Surely, this country has so much to offer, as well as, so much to receive, and without doubt, GoldCoast, the city that I chose to reside in this astonishing country, and it’s surroundings, are some of the most beautiful places that you would have liked to visit ever. At the same time, the cultural exchange here obtained, is rarely achieved else where around the world. Happily I can say, that explore and meet many people with so distant origins and completely different backgrounds (from East Timor to Nepal, and from Japan to Swiss) has been my favourite part, and one of the highlights along this journey.

Australia, country-­‐continent, one of the best places to live in the world, and with an array of options to discover and develop, has been welcoming individuals who wants to supporting this multicultural society addressed to maintain the standard of living of their inhabitants and the growth of the nation. So,as one of my Brazilians friends says “keep going” and come and join us!


Roy Mos

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