9 Tips To Stay Healthy While Being An International Student

Stay Healthy: Being a student in a foreign country like Australia can be challenging and it might get hectic to balance full-time studies, a part-time job and a social life. As a result of this busy lifestyle, your health can suffer and it becomes very hard to stay healthy and fit.

Living and studying in Australia can also be very expensive, as gym membership and personal trainer all cost money and as an international student, you might not be able to afford these luxuries.

Luckily, most Australian cities offer alternatives to stay healthy. This post will give recommendations how to stay healthy while being an international student.

Seek Free affordable fitness

1. Running and Cycling are great ways to stay in shape and it’s completely free. Most Australian cities offer great and safe running and cycling tracks with a great view.
2. Cycling is also good for the environment and saves you a lot of money travelling to your school or work.
3. Outdoor gyms are also offered across the major cities and are completely free as well.

Healthy eating on budget

4. Snacks and munchies are very unhealthy and makes you want to eat more, so try to buy basic foods like dairy, fruit, cereal and bread first before buying these treats.
5. Buy fresh vegetable and fruits that are on season.
6. Include more vegetarian meals each week and replace expensive meat with eggs or lentils.
7. Both Coles and Woolworths offer great home brand products, which are much cheaper than the commercialized ones.
8. Check the supermarket catalogues and newsletters for specials and buy bread and dairy in the evening, as most of them are reduced.
9. Dedicate yourself into cooking your meals at home instead of eating out

The end of the story here is that you don’t need much money to stay fit and healthy in Australia.

All you need to do is to dedicate yourself to finding all the free spots available to you.