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6 reasons why you should start building a pathway in Australia

Student visa changes: every year the Department of Immigration reviews their regulations such as type of visas, visa fees, visa requirements and conditions. Many times these changes could affect your opportunities in Australia, therefore there is always recommended to get professional advice either with an Education Agent or a registered Migration Agent. This will help you to plan in advance and utilise your time effectively as they understand clearly Australian Immigration goals and potential changes.

  1. Your profession has been removed from the list. You are still could be in time to work on your potential pathways to permanent residency though studies or/and even get a sponsorship. Don’t give up! Look for professional assistance, the Immigration regulation is complex therefore discussing your options with a Registered Migration Agent could be the best way to go.
  2. Do you live in the correct place?Changing the place could help you to achieve your professional goals. You could get a sponsor but you’re limited because of the city you’re living in. Once again if you understand your pathway correctly you can then have different plans to play around and increase your chances to make your dream happen here in Australia.
  3. Do you know how the Skill Migration system works? You could be eligible to apply for a specific visa but it is really important to also understand how the points system works. The pathway chosen may be longer than you expect but at least if you plan in advance you will have clear set goals and you will have time to work on increasing your points when aiming skill migration. Get professional advice and work smartly.
  4. In a relationship? Choose your odds correctly.Who is the most convenient candidate when thinking about building a pathway to permanent residency? Only if you meet specific requirements you may be eligible to include your partner in your visa. By doing this, your partner may be even eligible for full time working rights.
  5. Have you decided what course to study smartly?Thinking in long term is always the best way to build your future. It is always important to plan in advance as this many times helps to reduce potential risks. Lets take Carlos as an example. If for instance Carlos came to Australia to study English, after that he decided to extend his stay to complete further studies so he chose to do a Certificate in Sports and Recreation. After the completion of this course Carlos and his partner decided that they would like to work on a pathway to permanent residency so as he always loved cooking he now would like to become a Cook. This is Carlos’ third student visa application therefore the risk would be a little bit higher. If Carlos had started this pathway from earlier, he would have saved time and money.
  6. Because the difference between a dream and a goal is having a date, so THINK BIG!