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6 Best Places to Visit in Australia During This Summer

Enjoy the warm beaches, amazing locales and mesmerizing cities as you visit Australia for your higher studies.

Take a break from your busy class schedules, get your backpack ready and set forth to some of the best places of Australia for unforgettable memories!

  1. Sydney

    – The popular tourist destination which offers a diverse culture, splendid cuisine, chic nightlife and inner-city attractions, Sydney has a vibrant atmosphere and with its attractive spots, you are sure going to enjoy the place to the fullest.

  1. Brisbane

–If you are planning to enjoy a calm yet serene place, then Brisbane is the perfect option.


The cascading charming river complements the city beautifully and along with that, the outstanding sightseeing spots are some of its attractive locations.

Brisbane River

  1. Gold Coast

– Experience an enigmatic moment in this tourist hub which is probably Australia’s perfect answer to Las Vegas.


Along with sumptuous cuisines and pleasant weather, Gold Coast is the ideal surfers’ paradise with thrilling theme parks and breathtaking views of rainforests.


  1. Perth

    – Witness an incredible coastline of Australia in Perth with beautiful West Coast sunsets, laidback beach life and fish and chips.


You can also visit the Hillary’s Boat Harbor and Mindarie Marina to enjoy the fascinating Mediterranean-style boardwalk and some gorgeous restaurants.

  1. Coral Bay

    – One of the exotic locales of Western Australia, check out Coral Bay for its alluring reefs, Monkey Mia dolphins, adventurous kangaroos who enjoy swimming and nesting turtles.


You can also have a fun time while snorkelling or diving with your friends.


  1. Kakadu National Park

    – The largest national park in Australia, Kakadu National Park is in the northern territory and has been regarded as one of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

With a spectacular view and contrasting biodiversity, you can expect to witness sensational cliffs and gorges, billabongs and waterfalls.


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