5 things to do at first day in Sydney

Going to the land of Kangaroos for first times not only gives the impulse of excitement and fervour in exploring the intercontinental island-like country known as Australia.
The continent has progressed not only in terms of economic prosperity but also has raised its warm hospitality in accepting and respecting the foreign nationals in their country.
There are always more than 5 things to do in Sydney!
We would suggest you to follow first five steps at the first day of yours in our country.

1. Sydney Opera House

The years-old multi-facilitated performing arts centre in Sydney has not only glorified the radiance of Australia but does attract a variety of tourists annually.
With multi-level of entertaining programs held at each day, the members participating at the centre have gained prowess and does not leave a stone unturned in entertaining the audience.
Moreover, you can also grab a bite of the carb diets and various cuisines which are prepared under this centre.

2. Bondi-Beach

If you are free in the afternoon, then do visit the pristine beach known as Bondi Beach. The beach consists of turquoise waters and powdery sands and it also holds an Olympic sized swimming pool balanced at the direction of south-end. You may spend your day by seeing the surfers diving through the waters and can take a sunbath.

3. Sydney Harbour Bridge

While passing through the roads of Sydney, you may tell your taxi driver to take you to the Sydney Harbour Bridge and get its view get captured in your photographic camera. This historical bridge was opened in 1932 and till date, it has preserved its magnificence and its architectural design do fascinate the onlookers and visitors.

4. Check out the cuisines of Australia

You would not be able to shy away from grabbing few pieces of Australian seafood to grubs, Emu, Macadamia Nuts to Lamb leg roast and many more. The cuisines of Australia are not only delicious but also tempting.

5. Take a rest

Then after spending your entire day in moving to such amazing places like Sydney Opera House to Bondi Beach and then to a fine dining restaurant, we would suggest you take a tight sleep and get ready for your next day!

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