5 Best Festivals of Australia

Festivals in Australia | Be a part of the celebration and explore the ethnic cultures of Australia as we bring you the 5 best festivals of Australia which you simply cannot miss.

If you’re a pure hedonist with an attachment towards good food, entertaining music, lively ambience and a memorable time, then Australia offers you everlasting moments of fun time and beautiful weather, coupled with some of the colourful, mesmerizing festivals of the country.

  1. Woodford Fork Festival

Connect with your inner soul and experience a folksy lifestyle at this festival, held near Brisbane in Queensland.

A festival with an earthy feel and quite different from the other generic ones, Woodford invites everyone to catch a glimpse of the ceremonies held inside a forest.

  1. Moomba Festival

This festival marks the Melbourne tradition and commences on the banks of the Yarra over the Labor Day long weekend each year.

Brimming with happiness, joy rides, carnival setups, delicious eateries and fireworks, this festival is your go-to place for the ultimate contentment with your friends and family.

  1. Darwin Festival

A celebration of talent and creativity, this festival brings a wonderful combination of community arts, music, theatre, dance, literature and every other unique trait, which are thoroughly enjoyed by Australia.

  1. Vivid Sydney

The festival of lights, colours, music and pleasures, Vivid Sydney puts up an extravagant show of light installations, music performances and creative debates ranging from art to technology, which continue at a stretch of 18 days.

  1. Castlemaine State Festival

Prominent from the years of 1976, Castlemaine State Festival has upheld their royal duty of entertaining Australia with their epic theatre, opera, dance, music and visual arts programs.

Celebrated for more than 10 days, this festival showcases an abundant range of glitzy events to the people of Australia.