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10 great reasons to study in Perth, Western Australia

Did you know that Western Australia is famous for its long sunny days, beautiful blue skies and spotless beaches?

Does it sound like paradise already?

Well, Perth offers more than that.

The city is globally recognized for its LOW UNEMPLOYMENT rate, prosperous economy and growth in science and technology.

Every year Perth welcomes more than 40,000 international students over 140 countries and offers a unique learning environment for all to unleash their creativity and innovation including libraries, museums among others.

In this post we provide 10 reasons to choose Perth as your study destination:

1.   Pathway to permanent residency

Australia offers the opportunity for those who study a bachelor’s or master’s Degree in Western Australia to get permanent residence easier and quicker as you can access more than 200 occupations on the state sponsorship.

Permanent resident working at his desk


2.   Education system

Western Australia’s is recognised around the globe to have one of the best education systems.

The state’s practical approach to education, guided by teachers who are experts in the chosen field, ensures that students are taught the skills they will require for today’s ever-changing world.

University teacher in Perth


3.    Unique lifestyle

If you are an international student and you want to make sure you chose a city that matches with your personality you shouldn’t doubt Perth.

This city offers one of the HIGHEST standards of living in the world and is MORE AFFORDABLE than many other cities in Australia.

Discount for students in public transportation, Mediterranean climate, less traffic and crowded population and pollution-free environment makes this city JUST AMAZING!

Group of international students having fun


4.   A multicultural city

Perth is known for its cultural diversity.

People from more than 200 different nationalities work, study and live in WA.

No matter where you are from- you’ll always feel respected and welcome.

International students from different places of the world

5.   Plenty of part-time work

As a student, you always need a bit of extra money for rent, food, leisure time or savings!

If you are an international student, you are allowed to work 20h per week.

Perth offers opportunities for those who are willing to work in areas such as hospitality, house-keeping, retail among others.

International student working as a waitress

6.   A leader in Science and Innovation

The state’s five universities are the forefront of science and technology and are involved in cutting edge research projects with other leading institutions around the globe.

International Student using Virtual Reality

7.   Plenty of activities to do during the year

Perth is WA’s cultural hub for arts and entertainment. It offers a variety of festivals and fun activities including galleries, night theatres, dance, music, comedy, films and food!

Amazing festival in Perth


8.   Improve your English faster

When you study in a city such as Perth you find easier to improve your English and learn about locals.

Perth welcomes thousands of international students every year. However, the number is not as high as cities such as Melbourne or Sydney.

In Perth, you can connect with locals much easier than the big cities.

Locals speaking English with international students

9.   One of the safest cities in Australia

Perth is recognised for its friendly people and a great sense of community which makes this city one of the safest in Australia.

You will find police stations around the city as well as in the suburbs, always looking after the community.

Perth's police officers smiling


10. Internationally recognised Colleges and Universities

Perth counts with different colleges and universities around the state which are recognized around the world.

Some of them in the top 500 of the BEST universities in the WORLD.

They also offer a variety of courses from Law & Business to Technology.

International graduate celebrating at University



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