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Author: EMSA Team

How a simple conversation with a Mortgage Broker can help save you money and achieve your dreams!

Firstly, let me congratulate you all on your journey so far! Whatever path you are on I know you are getting the best help and support that you can with Shannon and his team. Their job is to make this journey easier for you and

The future Gold Coast city

The Gold Coast is a little city, but it’s still a city. Usually students prefer to go to bigger cities to live for their short or long experience in Australia. One of the main reasons to choose a bigger city is the concept of “more

Success at our first Engineers networking event!

Success at our first Engineers networking event!

On Thursday Night, EMSA hosted the Brisbane Engineers Support Team (BEST) for their event about removing self-limiting beliefs and installing a new mindset to open more opportunities to help you succeed in your career in Australia The Brisbane Engineers Support Team is a group of internationally qualified Engineers

Tax Return Workshop HIGHLIGHTS

BASICS DATES. The Australian financial year goes from the 1st July to the 30th June. The dates to apply for the tax return are the 1st July to the 31st October. If you don’t do it between these periods, you risk getting a fine. TFN

How does a resume in Australia look like?

Think who is your public. If you’re looking for a job in hospitality, you should highlight the experience you have related to this sector. For example, if you’ve worked for a catering in an event, as public relationship for an hotel, or as waitress in

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