About us

Friendly, professional, with a real interest in your journey. That’s our approach at EMSA, and it’s refreshingly different from many migration agents.

Our education and migration services company started over 10 years ago, born from a passion for travel and a desire to share our great country with the world. We love meeting people, getting to know their migration dreams and making them a reality.

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If you’re wondering why you should choose EMSA over another Australian migration agency, here’s why.

  1. We’re not just migration gurus. For so many migrants, education in Australia is a key part of their journey, whether it’s studying English or attending university. So we do both migration and education, plus we provide helpful advice to get you settled in your new country.
  2. We’re nothing without our team. We have 30+ staff around the world. They’re education and migration specialists with a friendly, professional approach. We’re here to give you realistic advice and to map out a pathway that suits your needs now and into the future. It’s reassuring to know that there’s a whole team behind your visa application – with specialists available in every area of migration and education.
  3. We’ve got proven experience: the numbers speak for themselves.
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