The 457 Visa is a temporary work visa for up to four years. It requires sponsorship by an employer in Australia and can be a good option to fill skills shortages with qualified overseas workers. If you’re an employer and you don’t handle migration applications every day, it makes sense to work with an expert like EMSA. We’ll give your application the best chance of success, in the fastest time.


Step 1: The employer becomes an Approved Sponsor

As an employer, you’ll need to meet certain criteria, including:

  • Operating lawfully in Australia
  • Having the financial ability to meet your sponsorship obligations (these include the training obligations, cooperating with inspectors and meeting Department notification requirements, providing market rate conditions, paying sponsorship costs, potentially travel costs and more)
  • Meeting certain training benchmarks. These can be:
    • Paying an industry training fund at least 2% of payroll spending at least 1% of payroll on training of employees
    • Note that start-up companies in operation for under 12 months can show an auditable plan to meet training requirements


Step 2: The employer nominates a position

This is about getting permission to employ a skilled overseas worker to fill a vacancy. There are certain criteria, including:

  • The position being on the Consolidated Skilled Occupation List 
  • A salary of at least the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT) – $53,900 (excluding superannuation)
  • A position paid at standard market rates and with the same terms and conditions as Australian employees


Step 3: The employee applies for a Visa

This is about proving the skills and experience to work in the nominated position. Criteria include:

  • Having the qualifications or experience to meet the position
  • Having at least vocational English language skills (unless there is an exemption)
  • Meeting all necessary health and character requirements
  • Holding private health insurance


What benefits does it provide the employee?

An approved 457 Visa is valid for four years (or 18 months for start-up sponsors). Most 457 Visa holders can apply for permanent residency after two years. They can bring eligible dependents, who can work and study in Australia, and there is no restriction on travel for visa holders.


Can a sponsored employee change employers?

Yes. The employee must submit a Nomination to transfer their visa to the new employer within 60 days.



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