Student accommodation in Australia

If you’re going to migrate and study in Australia, finding student accommodation is an important step. The good news – there are lots of great options. Here are the top four:

1. Homestay

A homestay is a great way to truly experience Australia with a personal touch. You’ll live and eat with an Aussie family, with breakfast and dinner usually included. It’s a great way to practice your English skills, live in a family environment, and learn about how Australians truly live.
At EMSA, we can help you find a host family and make all the arrangements.

2. Renting – your own place

To set up your own home in Australia you can rent an apartment or a house. This involves applying through a real estate agent, being approved and paying the bond (usually four weeks rent in advance). You’ll be responsible for organising utilities, such as electricity, gas and Internet.

Of all the options, this is the most challenging, and can take several weeks to organise. Therefore, we recommend trying this option only after you have arrived in Australia and are more comfortable.

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3. Shared rental accommodation

This is the most popular type of student accommodation in Australia. You can find a room in a property that’s already occupied, typically by other students (international or Australian). The price offered is usually per week and it may or may not include the utilities (water, electricity, phone, internet) – make sure you double check the inclusions before reaching an agreement.

You’ll usually need to pay a bond (several weeks rent deposit) when you move in. This money is secured and you’ll get it back when you move out.

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4. Student accommodation

This accommodation is specifically designed for students. Built close to schools, you pay a package price, which usually includes the utilities and the use of facilities at the complex (such as gym, pool, study zones, outdoor areas, laundries).

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Top Tips
• Choose your housemates carefully when sharing accommodation
• Try to live with Australians or people from different nationalities! You’ll improve your English and will learn more about diverse cultures
• Pay attention to small details: When will my bond be refunded? How much are the utilities? When does the contract finish?
• Ask always for a receipt
• Be wary of scams – be sure the person you are giving your money to is responsible for the property

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