Top 10 occupations in demand for 2015/16 for migration to Australia


At EMSA, we constantly stay updated on immigration changes and how they affect our clients and people wanting to study or migrate to Australia. We’ve help 1000’s of people move to Australia and thrive on helping find a pathway to suit each person.

As you know, each year, Australia’s skilled occupation list is updated and this happens on the 1st of July. This year, 3 occupations were removed from the Skilled Occupation List, these were, Urban and Regional Planner, Dental Specialist and Dentist. There were also 2 occupations added and these were Panel Beater and Cabinet Maker. 

What you may not know is that each occupation has an upper limit (ceiling) on the number of places that can be granted. This means that some occupations have a lot more space than others.

To ensure you have the best chance of getting your visa, the team at EMSA stay up to date which occupations have the most space and which avenues are best for our clients to follow.

For 2015/16, here is a list of the occupations with the most places in the skilled migration program: 

  • Nurses – 13872
  • Electricians – 8772
  • Secondary School Teachers – 8352
  • Metal fitters and Machinists – 8070
  • Carpenters and Joiners – 7290
  • Motor Mechanics – 6108
  • Construction Project Managers – 5640
  • Software and Application Programmers – 5364
  • Plumbers – 5130
  • Structural Steel and Welding Trade Workers – 4482

If you have an occupation on this list or on the skilled occupation list the worldwide team at EMSA can assist you in either applying for residency or finding a potential study pathway to residency.

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  1. Matthew swanborough
    Matthew swanborough says:

    I am a second class welder will that qualify in any way for pr
    I already live here on a temp residence visa ( i am from england) with my wife (nz) and two children (born in australia)
    I am currently employed as a welder and have been so for over three years.
    We are unfortunatly one of the unlucky families who came under the cap and ceased visa 176 so we are trying to be positive and find another alternative

  2. Ro
    Ro says:

    Hi. I am architect. I already sent my Expression of interest, and I check for job offers every day… How much will cost me this? I mean… if I finally get an sponsor, I pay for all the process: the visa, the english test, the flight. The sponsors pay for something? I do not know of nobody in Australia… How I get a place to stay? thank you.

  3. Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali says:

    Hi,I am branch manager of bank and listed in top 10 branch manger in country from last few years I want to how can I apply for immigration in skilled workers list

  4. Daniel
    Daniel says:

    Hi. I’m a Hairdresser with 10+ years of experience also a trainer for hairstylist. What’s my chances for work

  5. David J Miller
    David J Miller says:

    Experienced with proof construction and project management wanting to move to Australia in 2016. Passport and all already have place to stay, just want to be able to work. Is there a chance?

  6. amanoberoi
    amanoberoi says:

    i have done engineering in mechanical automation , now m planning for masters from UTS in manufacturing engineering management masters of engineering management .Is it the right choice ? Does manufacturing comes in the list?

  7. Theena
    Theena says:

    I a from India. I have finished in Civil engineering and I have 5 years of work experience in relevant field. But I got second class in my degree. Can i apply for the PR visa for australia immigration or there is any problem coz of my second class degree. Pl suggest me.

    • EMSA Team
      EMSA Team says:


      You might be able to apply for a different kind of visa. Please send us to your full name, phone number, email, qualifications, age, experience, IELTS (if you have it).

      We will assess your case and contact you to discuss further possibilities.

      Hope to hear soon from you!

      EMSA Team

    DEEPIKA says:

    Hi, what is the status of environmental research scientist this year (2015-2016)? Will new list renew on July 1 for 2016-2017?

  9. joseph inegbe
    joseph inegbe says:


    am a professional drummer,i also have my certificate in playing the professional drum.
    can i get a job in Australia and also get more education in music?

  10. arch
    arch says:

    I am from India holding masterd degree in analytical chemistry in first class I have teaching experience in junior college in 3 years . What is the scope of teaching and industry work with this field

  11. Manpreet kaur
    Manpreet kaur says:

    Hi im manpreet kaur. I am working as a teacher for last 3 years.plz suggest me something for pr in australia..Thanks

    • EMSA Team
      EMSA Team says:

      Thank you for your enquiry. We’d be happy to assist you with your current situation and help to plan your pathway forward.

      As Australia’s immigration program is very complex and there may be a number of possible ways for you to apply for residency, please complete the assessment form via the link below. The information you provide will help our Migration Team identify your visa options and possible pathways

      To make sure we have all the information, you must complete the following sections:

      Personal Particulars
      Marital Status
      Current Residential address
      Citizenship Details
      Passport Details
      Addresses (including your home country address)
      Education Details (all school, college and uni information here and overseas)
      Employment details
      Australian Visa Applications
      Once you’ve completed the relevant sections, click “submit” in the bottom left hand corner, once we have received it our Migration team will:

      Assess your case and provide you with some free written advice
      Arrange an appointment and confirm if you are eligible for a free initial consultation or if it will carry a fee.
      Please let us know if you have any questions and we look forward to assisting you!

      Warm regards,

      The EMSA Team

  12. mayank gautam
    mayank gautam says:

    I’m Mayank Gautam .I have completed my diploma in Textile Technology and i’m working in a spinning mill as a production engg. so i want to know that is there any job for me in Australia. As i have only year experience… will be ok , any job related to textile field.
    plzzz tell me about it.
    thank you.

  13. abhay
    abhay says:

    Hi Team,

    I am from India with 6.8 yrs of experience in Systems – Administration ( Cloud ) but i am not a graduate. Which visa should i apply for PR?

    190, 489?

    • Shannon Semenikow
      Shannon Semenikow says:

      Thank you for contacting us!

      In order to start assessing your case, could you email to

      – E-mail
      – Phone number
      – Nationality
      – City of residence
      – Profession

      Also, if you can give us a little bit more information about your case that would help us to improve the assessment.

      Alternatively, you can come to our office in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Venezuela, India, Philippines, Nigeria or Colombia.

      Hope to hear soon from you

      Kind Regards!

      EMSA Team

  14. Tariq Ismail
    Tariq Ismail says:

    I am mechanical professional have more then 10 experience in piping & structural fabrication, installation, fitting , secondary school certificate+ trade certificate uk level 2 & training etc.pls advice

  15. Supraja
    Supraja says:

    Hello Team!

    I am an architectural designer and independent design consultant from India, with 3 years of experience through all stages of construction and project management.

    Can I get a job in Australia?

    Thank you!

  16. j.pradeev raj
    j.pradeev raj says:

    Hello i am from India i have 5 year experience from civil construction line but i dint complete my course. can i get job in Australia? thank you

  17. Tamal
    Tamal says:

    Hi, I am Tamal
    i am currently doing my undergraduate in accounting. this is my first semester. i am mainly thinkin about the PR. now i am wanting to change the subject to software engineering. will it be a good decision?

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