The Problem With Choice when looking for a job

Career Choices

The problem with choice is that we often get overwhelmed with our options and find it difficult to settle on the right choice for us in that moment. For example I opened up the TV guide the other night, 23 free to air channels all with plenty of options and not a lot interesting me. I could switch over to Netflix, iView, iTunes or SBS OnDemand my default point because they generally have something I can download, depending on my mood and time available. I ended up jumping on the TED app and watching a few presentations on the iPad because I could still be surprised and yet know I’ll find something I want to watch.

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Nepal: Thoughts are with you and we are ready to help



Dear EMSA Nepalese Community,

We hope this email finds you well despite the grief you may be experiencing with the recent earthquake at home. Our behalf of the entire EMSA team, I just wanted to let you know that our thoughts are with you in this challenging time. If there is anything we can do to assist, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Australia, worth living here!

Hand Aboriginal

Finding myself living, studying and working, in Australia, was a dream never I dreamed. I had not lived abroad and the pace and the goals that I had in my home country kept me busy enough to take the gap year that I had not taken. However, whispering in my mind always was the idea of go through the experience that could extend my level of thinking, and give memore tools to appreciate, deal with and value the world, in a more accurate and precise manner.

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In the land of OZ


I was drinking my second glass of Chardonnay when the girl next to me on the flight suddenly woke up and asked me “Hey did you have your Brekky?” and I was zapped because I had not heard of “Brekky” before. I was not sure if it was some kind of food or drink but I eventually found out that it meant Breakfast. That’s when I told myself – Welcome to Australia.

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