What to study in Australia to get residency?


One of the benefits of EMSA being an Education and Migration Agency is that we have a team of specialists in both Education and Migration. This allows us to give our clients the best advice from the beginning in all areas. This includes everything from choosing the right course to study all the way through to the options this will provide upon graduation.

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Changing course can mean your visa gets cancelled! Scenarios to help explain this for new students


Immigration introduced streamlined visa processing to help students simplify the process for students gaining visas to study at University in Australia. This makes it easier go gain a visa to study in Australia and education providers must make sure that students are genuine students wanting to enrol in their chosen program.  Simpler processing is GREAT but it also means that students must study at least the first six months of the highest course their visa was granted for before changing (unless they can get a letter of release).

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Improving your english while you are abroad: Simple tips to follow


Hi there, my name is Eva and I’m from the beautiful city of Lima in Peru. As you know, my native language is Spanish and I was never involved into English lessons until I finished high school, many, many years ago. Despite the fact I took some English programs in Peru, when I came to Australia the cultural shock, language wise, was terrible. I was never good at languages and always hated to ‘learn’ one …

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International Students, Australia really needs them


International students make an important contribution to Australian culture, expanding and diversifying communities.

When thinking to study in Australia, many people is captivated by the high-quality in the education and training sector. These unique features is one of the main reason why people would like to have the opportunity to experience all about the lifestyle in the land of down under.

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Top 5 tips to find the perfect English school in Australia


After deciding to study abroad and discover Australia as one of the best places to learn the English language, you might find that this country has as many English institutes as secondary schools. In other words, every city in Australia has hundreds of schools you can choose from and this can be a daunting job. For this reason, here we present the top 5 tips to find your perfect English school in Australia.

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