[Infographic] – How the Australian education system works?

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Many International students often don’t understand what type of course they are applying for or sometimes there are courses that have similar names but one of them is in a higher level than the another one and this affect their visa application level. For this reason, we want to present you how the Australian education system works in the next infographic.

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Why an international student should work with an Education Agency?

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Going through some of my recent student’s cases I found a very interesting topic to talk about: why an international student should work with an Education Agency?

The question seems to be quite simple, however, when looking for the answers, there are many things to explore and to have into consideration. If you are an International student, please let me take a few minutes of your time as I am sure, this would interest you….

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Students visas – different visas = different requirements. Tips and advice on getting approved

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Depending on what you study and where you’re from can mean different requirements when applying for student visas. Each country’s assessment level can even vary depending on the whether you’re studying English, Vocational (Certificates, Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas) or University (Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, Bachelor or Masters)

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