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5 Best Beaches of Australia To Explore In The Weekend

Australia is the proud possessor of more than 10,000 beaches all around, allowing you to indulge in a tropical state of mind. But these 5 best beaches of Australia are simply a treat to the soul – just let your guards down, feel the sunny heat and salty hair and start beach-tripping!

Welcome to EMSA Guadalajara!

After only a couple of weeks of opening the Mexico Branch which will be located in Guadalajara in the beautiful state of Jalisco (this is where the Tequila and Mariachi comes from!) back in May 2017, the first international student from Mexico makes the call to contact EMSAs office.

Useful Tips for your IELTS Test

Would you like to live in Australia? Would you like to go to university in Australia? Are you highly skilled and would like Australia to recognise your achievements so that living here is possible for you? The IELTS test is what you were looking for.