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There is more to Australia than meets the eye and it is one of the best places to live and study. For decades international students have been taking advantage of the high quality education Australia offers and many of them have decided to stay in the country and make Australia home. While there is a high standard of living in Australia, the country still remains competitive and offers you one of the best education opportunities in the world.


Moving to a new country – whether it is for a job or for a higher education – is a very exciting thing. However, there are a lot of things you are going to need to take into consideration before you simply pack up your home and move. At EMSA we can help you prepare to move to Australia and make the experience an enjoyable one.


The smallest continent in the world, Australia is a nation of contrasts and intrigue. It is the sixth largest country in the world – Russia, Canada, China, the United States and Brazil are all larger – and there are over 22 million living here.

Divided into six states and two territories, Australia is the home to an array of native wildlife and was recently voted the 2nd best country in the world to live in by the United Nations (September 2009).







Why we do?

To share in the celebration at the realisation of education or migration dreams.

How we do it?

At EMSA, we push boundaries to constantly learn and evolve to develop new ways to facilitate people from around the world achieve their personal goals in Australia.

What we do?

We develop clear strategies and pathways for people to follow to ensure the best chance of success. We constantly review our offerings & legislation to find the best fit for our clients.


    The act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, and generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life.


    The movement of people across a specified boundary for the purpose of establishing a new or semi-permanent residence.


    Providing first class ethical advice and assistance Ensuring client satisfaction, return customers & referral based on level of service. Treating people as friends & inpiduals.


Sorry for getting back to you this late but I’m still trying to get into this new life since I get the notice from you about the visa granted. Everything has been going so fast and with allot of changes. I’ve been enjoying so much and I really wanted to thank you about everything you have done.
I would love to keep in contact with you for further information about immigration matters.
Once again thank you and hope you are doing great!


Thank you very much for your help and support through our permanent residency process. Me and Michelle still can`t believe we`ve got PR. This is like our dreams come true. You both being very kind and very helpful. I promise i will recommend my friends about you guys. Our parents also very happy and passed their regards to you guys. I will contact you if i have any questions. Thanks a lot again. We have already started to celebrate :-)

- Lahiru Perera , Sri LankaClient

Thanks for being so helpful and calming, you and Shannon have been such a massive help so far. It`s brilliant knowing I have you both to help me with everything. I think I would have lost the plot doing it all myself! I have recommend you to all my friends and they will all be going through you guys to do there TR and PR.

- Katie , EnglandClientGoogle

I want to say I am extremely grateful for all EMSA has done for me and also thank you very much to Shannon, and to everyone who is that you can has done for me trust thank you very much to Shannon, and to everyone who is that you can has Shannon, and to everyone EMSA.

- Bruno L. Silva , Sao Paolo, BrazilClientGoogle


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